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Welcome to the opening blog of our newest blog, the New York Law Diary Blog. As a very active, high profile litigation law firm in New York we felt we had so much to tell our readers about that just did not fit with the content of our New York Criminal Attorney Blog or our Greenburgh Speeding Ticket Attorney Blog. So we decided it was time for a different blog where we do not have to be limited and rather can write about any interesting development here at the firm or in New York law or in New York courts without regard to the specific area of law.

The need for such a blog has really become clear to us recently. For example, when we won a large commercial, real estate trial in Brooklyn, the New York Law Journal ran the decision in a two page spread but we at the firm felt that we had no place to write about the case. That case was won on the issue of the Statute of Frauds an ancient doctrine that is codified in New York and requires that certain contracts must be in writing to be enforceable. In New York the Statute of Frauds is actually a law under the New York General Obligations 5-701. Clearly an issue that our readers need to be aware and a topic that we will cover in the future.

More recently, we won a commercial trial here in Westchester County Supreme Court, seeking enforcement of a promissory note signed by our client because evidence at the trial (and in discovery) revealed that the underlying debt was based upon usurious loans. Another ancient principle of law which is codified in New York Law under General Obligations Law 5-501and which prohibits the enforcement of usurious, or very high interest loans; another area of law which our readers must me familiar with.

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